EPIC 7.10
Triathlon Specific Wheel System

The ultimate triathlon wheelset. Designed to be versatile, stable in windy conditions, with maximum time saving aerodynamics. If your focus is triathlon, the EPIC 7.10 is for you.

Rider Type
Is this wheelset right for you?

Road Racing

For most road racing situations a lower rim depth wheelset like the EPIC 3.4 or EPIC 5.6 is best. But, if you are looking for a time-trial specifc wheelset then the EPIC 7.10 is for you. It's the most aerodynamic wheelset that is designed for a wide range of wind conditions.


The EPIC 7.10 is your first choice for a triathlon wheelset. Designed to give the best time savings in a variety of wind conditions and terrain. If you want the best all purpose triathlon wheelset, the EPIC 7.10 is for you.


For most recreational riders we recommend lower rim depth wheels like the EPIC 3.4 and EPIC 5.6. If you are doing mainly long solo rides in relativly flat areas, then the EPIC 7.10 is a great choice

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System-Optimised™ Design
A Different Approach To Wheel Design

Tokyowheel System-Optimized™ wheels have distinctly different front and rear rims to maximize performance.

CFD Engineered
Computational Fluid Dynamics

Faster, more aerodynamic wheels as a result of engineering in a computer simulated windtunnel.

Carbon-Strut™ Construction
Unique Carbon Fiber Manufacturing That is Lighter and Stronger

69 folded layers of carbon fiber arranged in a stronger, lighter construction only possible with System-Optimized™ wheels.

DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon
Better Braking Performance.

DuraHeat-R™ Carbon Braking Surface

A three part technology for superior braking with carbon rims.

UCI Approved

This wheelset has been certified and approved by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale), for use in UCI sanctioned road races. These wheels are also certified for use in ITU (International Triathlon Union) sanctioned triathlons.

What's In The Box
All The Accessories You Need

With every rim purchased we ship a valve extender, rim tape, a pair of brake pads (excluding disc brake rims of course), and any decals selected.

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Technical Specifications & Geometry

Rim Weight* Front 660g, Rear 800g, Set: 1460g
Rim 700c Carbon Clincher
Tubeless Compatible
Rim Depth Front: 75mm, Rear: 100mm
Brake Track Width ** 25mm
... ...


14-21 days is our estimated delivery window. We make this window 95% of the time. If you have an event coming up or something we can put a rush on the order. This means it will be processed preferentially where possible, which will shave a few days off the lead time.

We include the correct length valve extenders for every order. If you prefer to not use extenders and go with longer tube valve stems please be aware that the exact valve length required can be affected by your pump head. With most pumps you should be safe with 15mm of valve left showing out of the rim and some work with as little as 12mm.

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