Tokyowheel™ Elite 38 Wheelset

Full Carbon Tubular Wheelset with 38mm Deep Extra Wide Rims, Aero Bladed Spokes, and Road Bike Hubs

Quick Specs

Total Wheelset Weight 1197g*
Wheel Type Wheelset (Front + Rear)
Rim Type Tubular
Rim Material Full Carbon
Rim Depth 38mm
Rim Width 26mm
Wheel Size 700c
Hubs Road
Spoke Count Front: 20, Rear: 24
Rider Weight Limit 209lbs / 95kg
See Full Specs *With Sapim CX-Ray Spokes and Tokyowheel Vapor Ceramic Hub. For Other Hub Options, See Full Specs. Wheel Weights are Subject to a +/- 5% Variance.


The Tokyowheel™ Elite 38 is what we recommend for people interested in fast group riding and climbing. It’s light, responsive and crosswind friendly - guaranteed to handle well in all conditions. Tokyowheel™ Vapor road bike hubs eliminate internal friction - boosting riding efficiency and durability.

Feel confident when you apply brakes onto the DuraHeat-R High-Temperature Carbon braking surface. Not only does it stop you faster, with greater stability, but it's much more durable on brake heavy rides (like long descents). Ride fast, ride far with the Tokyowheel™ Elite 38.



Low Drag

Stability in Windy Conditions


Acceleration & Climbing

Constant Speed

Best Use




Elite 38mm Deep Carbon Rim. Light & fast.

Tokyowheel Elite 38mm Carbon Tubular Road Bike Wheels

The Elite 38mm rim is our lightest and most stable. Great for sprints, climbing and riding in high winds.

Full Carbon Tubular High Strength Carbon for Lightweight Performance.

Carbon Tubular Rim

Using the latest carbon forming technology, we are able to build a very strong rim from carbon only. A critical area for durability, the braking surface of the tubular rim is up 73% stronger than other carbon tubular rims. This gives you a wheel that is very light with positive braking performance and reliable durability.

Extra Wide 26mm Rim Increased Aerodynamics and Improved Handling.

Extra Wide 26mm Carbon Rim

The extra wide rim has multiple benefits. The rim's 26mm max width improves aerodynamics by creating a more uniform airflow over the wheel - balancing the aerodynamic forces of the rim with the leading edge of the tire. The 25mm width creates a wider contact patch between the tire and the road, resulting in improved handling and reduced rolling resistance. The 25mm outer rim also allows the wheel to fit into most frame and brake setups.

DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon. Better Braking Performance.

DuraHeat-R™ Carbon Braking Surface

DuraHeat-R™ High-Temperature Carbon braking surface. Not only does it stop you faster, with greater stability, but it's much more durable on brake heavy rides (like long descents).

Carbon Valve Balance. Smoother Spinning Wheels At High Speeds.

Tokyowheel Carbon Valve Balance

*Epic 60 Shown

Tokyowheel rims are balanced for the weight of long inner-tube valves.


3.2mm Aero Bladed Spokes. Increase Wheel Strength and Improve Aerodynamic Performance.

3.2mm Aero Bladed Spokes

3.2mm Aero Bladed spokes come standard on all Tokyowheels, and offer the improved aerodynamics of the bladed spoke shape.

Sapim CX-Ray. Premium spokes Included with all hub upgrades.

Sapim Cx-Ray Spokes & Sapim Sils Nipples

The aerodynamic shape of the CX-Ray is also 30% lighter than standard round spokes.


Standard Hubs and Spokes
Tokyowheel™ VAPOR 2 Hubs & Aero Bladed Spokes

Lightweight, durable road bike hubs and strong aerodynamic spokes. Available with optional Sapim Cx-Ray Spokes and Ceramic Bearings

Optional DT Swiss Hubs and Sapim Spokes
DT Swiss 240s Straight-Pull Hubs + Sapim CX-Ray Spokes

One of the most well known names in hubs. DT Swiss components have a long history of quality and high performance.


Tokyowheel Carbon Wheels

Quick Release Skewers Included

Choose any hub upgrade and we will also upgrade your quick release skewers to Titanium.

Tokyowheel Ceramic Champion™ Brake Pads

Tokyowheel BlueStop 2G Brake Pads Included

Tokyowheel BlueStop 2G carbon brake pads (1 pair per wheel). We also recommend Swiss Stop Yellow King brake pads.

Tokyowheel Carbon Wheels

50mm Valve Extensions Included

Use standard tubes and extend the valve length to accommodate deep carbon rims.

Customer Photos

Technical Specifications & Geometry

Weight* 1190g - 1327g (depending on hub & spoke options)
Rim 700c Carbon Tubular
Rim Weight* 355g
Rim Depth 38mm
Internal Rim Width 18mm
... ...


Elite 38 - Carbon Tubular - Wheelset
From: $1,029
Epic 38 - Carbon Clincher - Wheelset
From: $1,029
EPIC 3.4 - Carbon Clincher - Wheelset
From: $1,029
Weight* 1190g - 1327g (depending on hub & spoke options) 1380g - 1517g (depending on hub & spoke options) 1434g - 1571g (depending on hub & spoke options)
Rim 700c Carbon Tubular 700c Carbon Clincher 700c Carbon Clincher
Rim Weight* 355g 450g Front: 450g, Rear 490g
Rim Depth 38mm 38mm Front: 33mm, Rear: 43mm
... ... ...


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