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Experimental Electronics Engineer [Autonomous Motor-Bike]

Thailand, Chiang Mai

Job Description

Your job is to conduct experiments on electronics that we are developing, and to assemble and manage the assembly of these components.

You should be a: Engineer and Assembler with experience and knowledge in basic Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical-tooling. Experienced in automobile and specially in modern Electric-Vehicles (EV).

Our Greater Mission:

  1. Launch a new product line of High Performance Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels in 2020 (These are the wheels used on Mission #4 E-Bike)
  2. Launch a Smart Electric Mountain Bike with Motorcycle Lights in 2021
  3. Create a new category of highway speed legal electric bicycle motorcycles (Homologation) by 2022
  4. Motorbikes on Mars (Create an Automated Factory) by 2044 
  5. Advance Sustainable Transportation To Explore Earth, Space, and The Singularity.

Your Outputs will be:

Roles & Responsibilities

-Engineering & reverse-engineering
-Quality and performance analysis

Inputs that will be provided to you Are:

Trainings provided prior to work
-Testing with instruments and Equipment of the Electronic/Electrical/Electromechanical components
-Other basic Tests with mechanical/Rubber/moveable parts for application/touch & Feel/quality
-Complete training of the assembly of product
-Quality test training
-Other basic trainings based on individuals

Drives James Crazy

  1. When someone say they will do something, and they don’t.
  2. When no progress is made, not being updated that there is 'no progress'. I don't want to have to guess. 
  3. Not being asked for help.
  4. Having to repeat things many times, when once was enough. I am very happy to re-explain things that aren't understood.
  5. Being late for scheduled meetings. 

Working Terms / Timeline:

  1. Full-Time, on location in Chiang Mai.
  2. Compensation: Salary (Project or Monthly) + Optional: Equity + Optional: Free Room & Board
  3. Project Starts Immediately
  4. Our goal is to work with you longterm (year 2044+), if we're a good fit. 
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