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LASIK For Cycling

29 Jul 2016

If you wear glasses or contacts and cycle, then you know the many drawbacks that come from poor vision. How much more would you enjoy your active lifestyle if those negatives were gone forever.

Do you have normal good vision? can you imagine the performance boost you would get if your vision was 2x better than it is today?

I just had LASIK, laser vision correction surgery, to enhance my cycling lifestyle. 

Here are my Performance Results! 

Before LASIK, my vision was measured as 20/200+2, and one week after the surgery, it has improved to 20/10+2. 

What do those numbers mean? I will teach you. 

20/20 is normal good vision. That means that the line on the eye chart a normal person can read at 20 feet away, you can read at 20 feet away. 

My pre-LASIK score was 20/200+2 . This means that what a normal person can read at 200 feet, I could not read at more than 20 feet. It was pretty bad :( I was only able to read the line 94605 on the chart. The +2 means that I successfully read 2 of the numbers from the next smaller line (28394), but got 3 numbers incorrect. So the +2 is like partial points. 

One week after the LASIK surgery, I was tested again. I was able to read at 20/10+2 . This means that what the normal person can read at 10 feet I can read at 20 feet. My vision is essentially twice as good as 'normal'. I was also able to score a +2, meaning I could read 2 of the numbers on the line smaller than 20/10, but not the full line. 

That puts me in the top 5% of all humans in visual acuity. 

The 20/10 line is 29653 on the eye chart pictured. It is two lines below the pink 20/20 line. Can you read that? :)

The only downside is that I cannot ride my bike for 1 month after the surgery. But it's already down to 3 weeks, so I'll manage ;)

Overall I highly recommend LASIK to anyone looking to improve their active, cycling, lifestyle.