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Tokyowheel® Carbon Wheels Are Now UCI Certified.

4 Nov 2016

I've got great news for everyone who is participating in UCI (Union Cyclist International) sanctioned races.

Tokyowheel has just been granted UCI approval for our recently introduced EPIC 3.4, EPIC 5.6, and EPIC 7.10.

The UCI requires that all wheels with a rim depth greater than 25mm be specifically approved for use in races this section. This means that almost all carbon wheels are by default, not allowed in UCI races, only by specific approval.

Tokyowheel now has approval on our full range of rim brake wheels (disc brake wheels are still not legal by UCI rules)

As a bonus, the UCI certified Tokyowheels are also ITU (International Triathlon Union) legal, allowing them to be used in ITU sanction triathlons.

The UCI only certifies a short list of top wheels for use in their races, and Tokyowheel is very proud to be on that list.


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